365 Days too Long

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365 days ago I watched the sun set on a life I never thought would. Every day since, there hasn’t been a day gone by where I didn’t reflect on that life – the very disappearance of that life. I find myself looking in the direction of that setting sun, and wonder if I just stare long enough if it will rise again – if the light that used to shine so bright will ever come back. But I have learned in order to see that sun shine again I have to turn around – that I can’t keep staring off to the west hoping to see him again. The only thing I can do is look to the east to see all the amazing things he accomplished on his way to the west. Be filled with that hope, that joy, that love and know one day our paths will cross again.

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  1. Zach Berton
    January 11, 2015

    O Su Ahh…..my family and I live in Omaha, Nebraska. We are very touched by not only your efforts in helping the Karen but also in the loss of your dear friend. I came in contact with a Karen person who is one of Jehovahs Witnesses about 3 yrs ago now. So my family and I decided to help the local Karen. We are doing so by learning their native tongue so that we can be more effective in sharing with them the Bibles hope of living peacefully forever here on earth and welcoming our dead loved ones back to life in the resurrection that Jesus discussed at John 5:28,29. In the U.S. there is over 50,000 Karen, 5,000 of which are in Omaha. My family and I have been able to learn how to read fluently in Karen. And we are slowly becoming more and more fluent. The Karen love their Creator and love to read and study the Bible. They are truly the most humble people Ive ever met. And its my desire to attain that humility in myself. As Jehovahs Witness we conduct free home Bible Studies with them and use jw.org to teach them in their native tongue. The Bible clearly indicates that suffering for all humans including the Karen will end very soon. Please go to jw.org to get all of your personal questions about life answered. I hope I hear back from you. Thank you.


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