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Sorry its been so long since we last checked in – we have been stretched and challenged in ways we never imagined. We appreciate all the emails of encouragement and are well aware that nothing is possible with out all of you guys joining the resistance and raising your voices with us.

A little over a week ago we were privileged to go meet with some local refugees and hear their stories. It was inspiring to hear the Karen have been able to show the film to other students on campus to help them understand the reason they are here. From going to that school new opportunities have opened up for us to do a larger screening there, collaborate with teachers on how we can better get involved with the students and their families, and were also invited to be a part of a teachers course at SDSU to bring about awareness. Thanks for partnering with us on this endeavor – we are so excited to see what can be done for the people of Burma. We hope to have some new stuff on the site soon, so you all can get more involved.

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