365 Days too Long
Nov 2011 17

365 days ago I watched the sun set on a life I never thought would. Every day since, there hasn’t been a day gone by where I didn’t reflect on that life – the very disappearance of that life. I find myself looking in the direction of that setting sun, and wonder if I just stare long enough if it will rise again – if the light that used to shine so bright will ever come back. But I have learned in order to see that sun shine again I have to turn around – that I can’t keep staring off to the west hoping to see him again. The only thing I can do is look to the east to see all the amazing things he accomplished on his way to the west. Be filled with that hope, that joy, that love and know one day our paths will cross again.

Jun 2011 18


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It’s a tricky thing trying to figure out how to address peoples needs. Most of the time we put ourselves in their shoes and try to think of something that would make us feel loved or appreciated, and then hope by implementing those things we are helping in some-small-way. The problem with this is sometimes we have no idea how that person really feels, and without knowing it we steal away some of their dignity by helping in the wrong way.

Last week the Karen Youth Organization in San Diego invited us to a celebration at their school – the picture shown above is a drawing a 15 year old Karen student made. These images are real things this kid had experienced.

I think back to when I was 15 and the things that I would draw on my notebook as I was bored in class – never was it a head being crushed under a boot of a soldier, or a person getting beaten while having his hands tied to a pole.

I had a chance to meet with him – to be honest I had no idea what to say to him, how to act, or what I could possibly offer to make things better. All I could do was thank him for sharing that part of himself with others, and let him know that though it may feel like he is alone in this – that there are others out there who want to stand beside him.

May 2011 03


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Sorry its been so long since we last checked in – we have been stretched and challenged in ways we never imagined. We appreciate all the emails of encouragement and are well aware that nothing is possible with out all of you guys joining the resistance and raising your voices with us.

A little over a week ago we were privileged to go meet with some local refugees and hear their stories. It was inspiring to hear the Karen have been able to show the film to other students on campus to help them understand the reason they are here. From going to that school new opportunities have opened up for us to do a larger screening there, collaborate with teachers on how we can better get involved with the students and their families, and were also invited to be a part of a teachers course at SDSU to bring about awareness. Thanks for partnering with us on this endeavor – we are so excited to see what can be done for the people of Burma. We hope to have some new stuff on the site soon, so you all can get more involved.

Only the Beginning
Apr 2011 14

Since the film was released we have gotten hundreds of emails from people all over the world absolutely blown away by the story of the Karen. We are so honored to be able to be a part of letting the world know what is happening. The premiere was almost 4 weeks ago, and it feels like so much has happened since then. I just checked the views on the film and we are over 8,000!! Lets keep spreading the story with everyone we know and continue to gain momentum. The more people who join – the stronger our resistance will be in bringing freedom for the people of Burma.

One Week Later
Mar 2011 26

One Week Later0

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One week ago today we had the premiere of The Road – we can’t begin to describe the level of support the film has received from all over the world. There has been nearly 4,000 people who have watched the film already and the number of people watching seems to grow by the day. The efforts of all of you posting the film is the reason for this! There is no way we could ever get that many people to watch it without your partnership. Lets keep that fire and passion going, as we come alongside the people of Burma. They no longer have to be forgotten, they no longer have to be voiceless, and they no longer have to wonder if anyone knows of their situation.